Acne Treatment

Acne – is one of the most common dermatological diseases. If left untreated, acne can have a chronic course, leaving permanent marks (scars, blemishes, emotional disorders). The appearance of acne may be due to several reasons (excess sebum production, hyperkeratosis, bacterial growth). Acne treatment should be started as early as possible, in an advanced stage of leaves permanent scars.


  • comedones (noninflammatory changes)
  • lumps
  • pimples
  • purulent lesions


  • pregnancy

The course of treatment

As such a complex in the control of the disease is necessary to use different techniques recommended for treatment of patients known. “Combined system” which consists of combining treatments and medical procedures of cosmetic cleaning and appropriate patient care of the skin. The method of treatment is selected individually for each patient.The aim of this therapy is to normalize sebum production (but not degrease the skin), the prevention of inflammatory reactions and the possible formation of scar tissue.

After elimination of inflammation and patency glands, the problem may be scars, which can help microdermabrasion treatment and various medical scrubs spłycające eliminating scars and other discolorations on them.


Mute acne-pustules, nodules and purulent lesions, a reduction in sebum of the skin, are smoothed out any scars.



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