Laser E-lipo-light YA-D 08 – NEW

Laser acne treatment

The method of laser treatment of acne based on the shrinkage of acne nodules on the surface of the skin and to kill bacteria in the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in alleviation and cure of current changes. The light beam penetrates deeply into the skin also acts directly on the sebaceous glands, preventing excessive production of sebum. The laser light not only eliminates inflammation occur, but also prevents the formation of new lesions and the skin becomes stronger and more resistant to scarring.


  • acne
  • seborrheic dermatitis
  • purulent lesions, bacterial


  • pregnancy
  • pacemaker, metal implants
  • epilepsy

The course of treatment

First, the skin is applied to a cold gel cooling properties and to reduce swelling of the face. Then a special head equipped with a suitable filter is applied to the skin light a series of shots.


The visible effect is to alleviate acne and a significant improvement in skin condition. Treatments using IPL and not violate the delicate structure of the skin and do not cause lasting damage to surrounding tissue. Immediately after surgery can return to normal life.

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