Body Treatments

Treatment of Stretch Marks


The goal of treatment of stretch marks is their brightening, smoothing and leveling the structure of the skin. one of the most effective methods for elimination of stretch marks is needless. With this technique, you can enter the active ingredients, bypassing the epidermal barrier, which does not pass through most of the amenities. Suitable combinations of active substances allows for superb results.


  • Stretch Marks
  • scars


  • pregnancy

The course of treatment

Injections are made of a very thin syringe needle punctures are not very painful. If you have a low threshold of pain sensitivity, can be used anesthetic cream. After treatment, massage is used, so that injected into the skin the ingredients are evenly distributed.


Noneedle takes effect only when it is performed in a series of treatments. Initially, one must undergo treatment every 10-14 days for two months, then it is worth doing one treatment per month to maintain the effect.

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